Get amazed by the connectivity features of new launch MG HECTOR

There are several kinds of cars that you can buy for yourself and for the family. Everyone wants to have a car which offers you with the advanced and latest features. The new range of cars is launched with impressive connectivity features. In case, if you are looking for the best cars that offers you the best features then can opt to MG Hector.  The below-given information provides information of the MG hector connectivity features.

Ahead of the Hector launch in June 2019, two variants of the MG (Morris Garages) mid-size SUV have recently been spotted together. The differences between the two give us an idea, as to what MG will offer on lower variants of the Hector.

Internal Connectivity features

  • The car offers you with the audio speakers systems with the Bluetooth connectivity by which you can connect the mobile phones, tabs, etc and can play videos, music, and audios.
  • The car is also equipped with the advanced touch screen to offer you with the videos that you want to play for your entertainment to the passengers.
  • The car is also equipped with Microsoft intelligent Security that stores all the data and stores it successfully in the drive without being lost.
  • The MG hector is launched with the latest GPS system that helps to provide you with the location and offers you with all the  IQ maps.
  • The car has an advanced system on voice command like everything is functional on your car with your voice.
  • The car is also having the various apps installed in the car which offers entertainment like and many more.

External Connectivity features

  • The MG hector has their own call center and emergency contact numbers in which the driver or passenger can contact any time during the emergency.
  • The car is launched with the remote control system which allows you to control the functions of the car with the help of remote.
  • The smart keyless entry offers a high level of connectivity in which you can open and unlock your car automatically.
  • The car works on automatic LED lights, parking sensors and front and backward automatic cameras that works automatically.
  • The car is having 10.4 inches full HD touch screen that displays all the information on the screen like speed, climate and other information on the screen.

The above-given information  gives an overview of MG hector connectivity features which is launched with internal and external connectivity features. For the ones who are looking for the best car, they can refer to MG hector.Also check Hyundai Venue launch date in India

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